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What is Boudoir Photography?

Boudoir photography is about exploring your beauty.  Whether you simply want a beauty session in a stunning gown you would never wear or a casual fashion shoot in jeans and your favourite shoot or if you would love to do something really special with lingerie, truly exploring your amazing body.... OR ALL !

Bourdoir photography is about you coming to appreciate and love who you are right now.  Feel sexy, feel beautiful, feel re-energized.  You are in full control of your photography session, I photograph what you are comfortable with, absolutely respecting your privacy.

Intimate session can be fully clothed, semi-nude or fully nude... it is completely up to you.  Show your face, hide your face but love who you are NOW.

Casey Ham_20210327_Folio Build-076.jpg
IMAGINI intimate.




More specifically why spoil yourself with photos of yourself?

So how many times have you had your hair styled where you feel like a Goddess, had your make up done and you just shine, you get to wear that fabulous dress that you only fits one or two occasions ever in your life.... you look fabulous, you feel amazing, and you just want to get out there and share it with the world?  But then it's over... and you might have a few phone pics but do they really do THE GODDESS moment justice?

Most women dream of that fabulous diamond or gold... but those are just rocks.  You are what matters, to your family, to your loved ones and to YOURSELF!  Do this for you, capture this fabulous moment and keep it remind yourself you are beautiful, you are fabulous, you are a Goddess!  And you deserve this just for you !

This is really you ...

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