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that includes all your essentials


  1. Half Day Photoshoot
  2. Professional Hair and Make up Pampering 
  3. Selection of Studio gowns and robes
  4. Light Spoil Me Lunch and drinks
  5. Up to 3 backdrops of your choice
  6. Up to 5 outfits changes of your choice
  7. Same day viewing of all photos and Ordering session


PLUS ...


8. 20 Image Imagini Secrets Album

9. Bestie Grand 9 Up Luxury Frame

10. Full Resolution digital copies of all images purchased

11. Small Web sized digital copies of all images purchased



    By completing this purchase, you agree to the below terms and conditions of Imagini. 


    1. Photo shoots are only booked in and confirmed once full session fee is made.  We do not hold dates until full payment is made, we offer first paid first served bookings.  

    2. All clients receive a 3 day cooling off period for full refunds, after 3 day cooling off period has passed, no refunds are offered or provided.  

    3. Session may be rescheduled ONCE only, further rescheduling of sessions occur a $250 additional fee for every reschedule request.  Reschedule requests are subject to availability.


    1. All payments receive a 3 day cooling off period for full refunds.  After the 3 day cooling off period no refunds are offered or provided.  Funds already paid may be converted to credit towards new products and services to the same amount or greater.

    2. No refunds or discounts are provided once digital files and copies are delivered. 

    3. No refunds or discounts are provided once products have been ordered. 

    4. Portrait products are ordered upon receipt of 50% of total payment for portrait collection

    5. Digital copies are only provided upon 100% full payment of portrait collection is received.


    1. We/I (the client) agree that Imagini (the studio) owns the copyright to all photographs produced.  I hereby give permission for the Studio to use my likeness in all forms for the use of promotional material, advertising and any other lawful purpose associated with the studio and Imagini Brand.  I also have the authority to represent individuals included and presented in the images, and permit the iuse of these images and their likeness in all forms for the same lawful promotions and advertising.  The use may include third party competitions, magazine publications and third party advertising media.  The usage for any other purposes is to be negotiated between both parties, the client and studio, and will require the permission of both parties.

    2. The studio guarantees all print products against normal usage, fade, discolouration.  Should a print or product discolour, fade or lose colour due to natural process, where the product has not been placed in direct sunlight, excluding damage caused by use and all other factors, the studio will replace the print product free of charge.  The original print product must be returned to the studio before replacement are organised.  This guarantee will only be valid for as long as the studio retains possession of the original images.  The studio does not guarantee copies of images will be retained for longer than 28 days from delivery of original portraits.

    3. We/I agree to use the images produced by the Studio for personal use only, and understand no images may be reproduced, altered or copied for profit or commerical use. Additional licencing, permission and requirements apply for unauthorised non personal usage of any image or its likeness.

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