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Are you Nervous about Boudoir Photography?

I don't know any woman out there who is not nervous about getting infront of the camera, with and without clothes ! There is a multi-billion dollar industrty out there collecting ridiculour profits by making you hate yourself, hate your body and claming magical products that really hasn't made you feel any better. Let me ask you honestly, are you not sick and tired of always feeling like you are not good enough, beautiful enough, skinny enough?.... even the wrong shape?

I don't offer magical cures, I don't claim to transform you into the perfect fashion model that meets unattainable and aburd beauty standards.

What I do is help you DEFINE your own beauty standards, help you OWN your beauty, help you LOVE who you are right now and help you FLAUNT IT !

As a 46 year old woman, who has struggled with weight all my life, and who has since given birth to 2 perfect children... you can only imagine how the world beauty standards sees me, because you probably feel how it sees you ! One of the reasons why I chose photography is because I get to hide behind the camera !!! BUT ... photography has taught me self love and self appreciation.

Over the years I have seen how a little bit of pampering, a little bit of care and a little bit of care free fun at my photoshoots has transformed women over night. I cannot erase a life time of targetted marketing campaigns, but I can give a big first step into simply saying I am enough and who I am is perfectly ok.... because this is what has happened to me over the years with the photography work I do.

Most of my friends are photographers these days. However, most of us DO NOT want to get infront of the camera.... because we are women just like you ! But eventually, we come to a point where we say Fuck It, if my clients can do it, I will give it a go.... and that is what I did!

These portraits are of me when I was at my heaviest. Now I know, I don't look like it.... because its funny how you look at photos from a few years ago and think i dont look THAT bad, infact I looked pretty good. But officially on the BMI scale I was overweight, I felt overweights, I felt miserabel about myself and I just didnt want to look in the mirror. BUT you know what, when my friend wanted to have a play in studio, I said Fuck It, lets give it a go... and I am glad that I did ! Because at my worst and heaviest weight, I still love these photos. And I know when you are looking at them, you will be thinking that I am crazy and off my nut to think I was over weight .... well if you are going to say that to me, then you need to say that to yourself right now ! If i was crazy to think i was over weight and not beautiful, then you are crazy to think there is something wrong with you right now... Stop ! Stop the nonsense ! Stop the self hate, stop the self critique, stop the self abuse, STOP LOOKING for things that are wrong with you every time you look in the mirror... STOP !

The only person who is telling you these things is YOU... and you have the ability to simply stop the negative talk about yourself... just stop. Go out and simply have fun, because your body is NOT who you are, its simply what you travel in.... so take your body on an amazing journey of life, and CHOOSE to have fun.... because it is absolutely YOUR CHOICE....

Isn't it time to say FUCK IT ? and simply do it your way. I mean afterall, who says you are not beautiful ? Who says you are not good enough? Who decides what beauty is? Because frankly at my age, no one writes the rules for me, no one defines me, no one makes the rules for me... but ME !

Are you ready to OWN IT . LOVE IT . FLAUNT IT?

The process to your dream photoshoot can be as quick or as long as you want it to be, and it simply starts with a chat with me over a coffee, with no obligations and no pressure. Start by simply talking to me about your thoughts and ideas, you can then start planning your photoshoot before you even book. Take your time, or set a date.... its your rules.


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