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Professional Model Photography ! - Kitt Jeffery

Did you know that I love doing project work ! Just something for me to get creative with an amazing team.... This is the gorgeous, talented and amazing model Kitt Jeffery, you can check out her Insta here @thefaeriefox ...

This photoshoot was done with collaboration of the amazing Jess Peat (unfortunately retired to take on the best job in the world ! Mummy !) and the amazing hair God Carl @CarlThomasHair

The best thing about these amazing collaborative shoots is meeting some creative, amazing and talented people where you share ideas and let your imagination go free ! My approach to projects is pretty simple. The make up artists and hair professionals know their stuff, they are the experts. I simply let them do their thing ! We work together with producing a moodboard we can all work towards, we share ideas and give each other suggestions respectfully and we simply have fun !

Working with professional models like Kitt is amazing... they will either do their amazing flow poses or you will give them an idea and they just deliver, shot after shot ! My job ? Lights, camera, action !

Thank you so much to Kitt, Carl and Jess for such an amazing collab !

Personally for me this was a very sad and challenging time for me, with a serious medical situation in the family. It was so great to get out of the house and hospital, spend time with energetic, positive people and recharge a bit before going back to real life... and that is the thing ! A photo shoot is such an amazing escape from real life that you can actually take back with you when you return to real life ! Yep ! You can look, love and enjoy these images any time, any where, at any moment ! And of course you can always book another session !

For enquires about bookings and collaborations you can call Trish on 0466 311 136 or register your interest here <click here to contact us>

In the mean time, as at 26 October 2019, we are still working on creating our Models page... but if you want a sneak peek at the original images in all their glory, you can check them out here but be warned, the page is still under construction so we will be adding lots and lots of new pics all the time !


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