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IMAGINI RETOUCH - Adult basic skin edit

Very wide and large monitor on a desk, with a cat sleeping beside it
For easy portrait editing, get it right in camera!

In this video I am showing you how I start the editing process, using bridge and Adobe Camera Raw (ACR). The image comes from my Lighting workshop, where I teach photographers how to get it right in camera, including tethering to a laptop during a shoot, portrait lighting as well as basic retouch.

This video includes Raw file processing in ACR, including adjustments to

- White Balance

- Exposure (midtones)

- Shadows

- Hightlights

Then moving on to Photoshop skin retouch, using my Frequency Separation Action and adjusting white and black points.

With this style of portrait, very little post production needs to be done. The final step in the process would be to add a preset using @Alien Skin, now called @ExposureX5 by @ExposureSoftware just for a bit of a boost.

I love how little work and editing these images need !

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