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Boudoir and Maternity Photography - A little Naughty Silhouettes

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

Boudoir photography can be intimidating and scary, and thinking about going nudie infront of the camera usually has a "HELL NO!" first response, followed by the panicked thoughts of what if my photos get out, what if people see them, how will it affect my work and my relationships ! This is all normal.

I absolutely put your trust and safety first ! There is no pressure here, and lots I do about your safety... but I also offer some ways for you to explore your comfort zones in a safe way. One of these ways is with silhouette photos, where we simply over blow the back ground to pure bright white, and all we see is the shadowed outline of your body and no details OR we can add some subtle details as well.

These images below show just the outlines and shape of your body. Cropping out your head and the top part of your body focuses on your body, but also ensure absolute anonimity without missing out on a bit of cheeky nudies. We also have see through robes, and you are always welcome to wear lingerie to add to your comfort.

Then we have silhouettes with a little bit of subtle details. These are definitely our most popular. Once again, its all about what YOU are comfortable with, how much you want to wear, and how much you want ot show.

Finally, our most popular option for full nudes, is the black background silhouettes, were you just see the outlines of light on subtle parts of your body. With sublte posing, these nudes show no private areas, make you feel sexy and free in a safe comfortable way.

Finally, a bit of flair for all of the above, a sheer flowing fabric strategically positioned however you feel comfortable. Show a bit of bare bum, or some boob, behind a beautiful flowing fabric.

Your comfort, safety and trust are number 1 to me, which is why I have you in full control of your photoshoot from beginning to end.

I do this by...

Firstly, I put every step in your total control. What we do first is create a moodboard; a moodboard is a collection of photos you create yourself, to set the style and direction of your photo shoot. So you determine exactly what photos we take and what photos we do not.

Secondly, during your photo shoot, you will see every image I take on a screen as soon as I take it. Any photo you are concerned about is deleted immediately. Any photo you do not like, we change straight away.

We also have an all female team working for you. You can rest assured we understand and respect your needs through out the whole process.

Finally, I would love to invite you to visit our studio for a tour and chat with me. Meet me, see everything in person before you make any decisions and make any payment. I would love to meet you and have a chat with you about your dream photoshoot. There are no obligations and no pressure here, we are here just to have fun and create magic.


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