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Maternity Photography - should you go nude?

Would you ever do nude photography?

Would you ever consider doing nude photography? The first thing that always comes to mind is ...

Will I be safe ?

Will these photos ever get leaked online?

What if someone sees my photos that I don’t want? Will this affect my job?

These are all very important questions, which is why trust is everything!

At Imagini Secrets we ensure you feel comfortable and in control at every step of the way. We have established a number of strategies to ensure your safety and make sure you feel safe. This including an all-female team, your make up artist and any assistants on the day will always be female. I always shoot tethered, which means every photo I take you will see straight away on a tv screen. And if you want that photo deleted, it gets deleted on the spot. A smaller upstairs studio for a more cosy and intimate space you feel comfortable in. Robes to slip in and out of as you shoot and take breaks. We lock all our doors when we start the photoshoot so no one can walk in. You are always in control, we stop when you want, we shoot what you want, we try what you want to try. We also offer non digital options for you to take home as part of your portrait collection.

Our team will always be an all female team. Your make up artist and assistant will always be female. Some times we have assistants come to the studio as a learning opportunity to assist with the photoshoot, especially with fabric throwing. Our assistants are always female, to ensure the comfort and safety of our clients.

Here is an example of our tethered shooting set up. My camera is connected to my laptop, my laptop is connected to the TV, and as we shoot you see all the photos I take as I take them. If there is anything you do not like, or concerns you, or you want deleted it, we fix it on the spot. When it gets deleted on the spot, its gone for good.

Because I offer tethered shooting, it means our shoot is relaxed and slow as we check that everything is perfect in your photo before we continue. This also ensure your final photos are perfect ! This also reduced duplicate photos that can confuse clients. If I present you with 10-20 photos that look the same, because rather than getting it right the first time, I have taken 10-20 just in case… this can be confusing. All the photos look the same, only a little bit different, so clients tend to take a lot longer deciding because they are trying to find the little difference. When we shoot tethered, we check the screen, make sure every one is happy, we ensure your photos are perfect with the first portrait we take !

At Imagini secrets we specialise in print products. I have tried and tested some of the very best products in the world, and have brought home only the most amazing back to the studio. When you do a maternity photoshoot with Imagini, we want you to be spoilt and remember this special moment in your life forever. We want you to love and enjoy your photos for years to come, in a very distinct and special way. We do offer digitals, but eventually no one cares about digitals. But you will always care about your black silk album, and your Italian black leather portrait box and your Italian crafted wall art.

We do also offer digital photography options. But if you are worried, then our non digital options are photos will never exist as a digitals that can appear online. We strongly recommend an album for photos you would not want going missing. Its harder to "loose" or steal a book, rather than just one photo. You will notice a whole album missing, but not so much 1 photo. We also do consider printed products alot safer than digital photos.

However, you are welcome to take home both print and digital with your portrait collection.

Accepting your body, loving your body and exploring your body is a very liberating feeling. No more shame, no more hiding, just the freedom of You being You. Take control of your rules, your body and your self image. This is the body that you have, you cannot change it. Our maternity clients find nude maternity photography, and maternity photography in general very liberating. With maternity you have an excuse … you are pregnant. Women who worry about their body being too fat, or round, or anything else, forget all about these ideas, because hey, ur pregnant and its normal.

But here is a secret ! When you take a photo that you might not light, where you judge yourself too harshly, a few years later when you look at the photo, you will think that its not that bad and you were over critical of yourself. This is important, because the more you see photos from the past, and the more you say to yourself, hey that’s not that bad, the faster you start seeing that in the now ! You stop being so judgement and harsh on yourself. Its like your brain, looking at past photos, starts to realise its over thinking things. The more you see photos of yourself, the more you accept yourself. And maternity photography is an awesome excuse to start that process.

Doing nude photography, whether its maternity or boudoir, can be scary and risky. It requires a lot of trust for your photographer and studio team, it requires your own self-acceptance, it requires you to put aside any stigma placed on women’s bodies by society, it involves looking past the absurd unrealistic social beauty standards, and it requires you to say to yourself my body is normal, being naked is normal, and accepting my body for what it is, is normal. Its tough, but if you can do this, you can do anything.

BUT !!! if Nude maternity photography is not for you, then we have plenty of other options, including Fashion maternity photography, fine art maternity photography, and of course semi nude maternity photography. We have plenty of gown, robes and flowing fabrics to work with, so you get to pick and choose what you love the most.

The last 60 days of your pregnancy is very difficult. You will feel tired, and sore, and heavy. Maternity photography creates a special day just for you to be pampered with a make over, then transformed into a stunning gorgeous Goddess. Then you get to take home those photos so you can remember how amazing and beautiful you are during the years to come ! When you are tired, run down, and exhausted, these photos will remind you that no matter what you are still beautiful, amazing and a God !

Your body is not who you are, it simply what you travel in... so enjoy the ride !

Own it . Love it . Flaunt it www.


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