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Cover Girl Steffany - Maternity Photography Sydney

Maternity Photography Captures the beauty of the one in a life time moment of where you are a stunning magical Goddess!

There are a handful of moments in your life that you absolutely need to capture perfectly and professionally. Your pregnancy is most definitely one of them. How incredible it is to create a new little person from a tiny little bean. Are you ready?

Maternity Photography is a distinct way of capturing your pregnancy beauty and there are a number of different ways you can go about it. There is nothing like the traditional 30-32 week mark and have your portraits taken when that baby belly is more obvious. You will absolutely love looking back on this miraculous time.

There are lots of different ways you can style maternity images, but nothing beats the opportunity to be pampered with a full make over, while you sit and relax after 30-32 hard painful weeks of growing your pregnancy. Then choosing stunning gowns and robes to dress up for the occasion. You can choose to go with a more relaxed comfortable fashion feel or you can go the dramatic fine art master piece look that makes you look like an oil painting portrait.... OR you can choose a bit of both !

It’s totally up to you , and at Imagini Secrets we personalise your maternity photography to whatever you dream of. But before booking to ensure that you look through our gallery to make sure we fit your style and what you are looking for.

Want to include your partner or older children in your maternity photographs? We strongly recommend you leave this moment just for you. Once baby is born you will have year and years of family portaits with your children and family. Make this moment just about you !


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