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Be Kind to Yourself, Find the Joy, Accept and Acknowledge you are not perfect, but you are GOOD ENOUGH !

As a photographer an artist there is no greater critic of myself than me. Over the past few years since starting photography myself criticism has made me want to quit photography over and over again. I would always find fault in my work and I would keep making the same mistakes over and over again making myself criticism Harsha and Harsha everyday. I was setting myself up for failure by creating a self fulfilling prophecy. Through this constant self-criticism and always finding fault in my work I was in fact setting myself up for failure.

Then one day I decided to stop focusing on everything that I was doing wrong and start focusing on what I was doing right. I stopped looking for the faults in my work because I learnt to accept that people are simply human beings we are not perfect and we will never be perfect. I accepted that all the work that I do will always have faults will always have mistakes because as a human being we are all in perfect and that is normal and that is ok.

So when I started to take a step back and have a look at my work as an overall picture rather than focusing on the finer details of faults and mistakes, I realised that my work was good enough I realised that my work was getting better with time and I also realised that self love and an appreciation of my work and what I was doing right resulted an even better results than trying to fix mistakes.

I learnt that by accepting and celebrating the wins accepting and celebrating the things that I was doing right I was building solid foundations for my work to be improved and those foundations were based on love so they could not be pulled apart.

It is easy to find fault it is easy to find mistakes and you cannot build foundations for growth with the - you can only build the foundations for growth with love with kindness and an appreciation of everything that you are doing right.

And then my work transformed into photos portraits that I fell in love with and that I was proud of and that I loved to share and I was passionate and excited to share. I stopped fearing criticism I stopped fearing that I wasn't good enough. I fell in love with my work and I loved it so much that I wanted to share it with as many people as possible.

Self-criticism or any sort of criticism will not help you get better. Criticism and self criticism will not help you grow. Criticism and self-criticism will not help you fix your mistakes.

When you focus on what you are doing right and celebrating and acknowledging what you are doing right... Those mistakes go away they fix themselves. The foundations you build allow you to grow and continue growing without being undermined or undermining yourself. When you grow on the things you do right in the skills that you have those talents expand and the mistakes erased by the things that you do right.

Stop the self-criticism stop looking for faults in yourself. instead show kindness to yourself through acknowledging and appreciating the things that you are doing right focus on the things that make you happy and the things that make you scared will start to disappear.


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