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I LOVE LIVE RADIO ! 3 Years ago I would not have done this !!!

Patrycja Polak of Imagini Secrets does Live Radio !!!

Three Years ago I would have not done this ! Actually 3 years ago I was invited to do this LOL at this point, I will blame covid !

Photography and self acceptance has taken me a long away, and what a journey it has been so far ! And I am having so much fun at every step of the way !

And I had a great ball going on live Radio with Davy Nguyen and Justin Holland to talk about Photography, relationships and social media ! So check them out on Facebook here

I absolutely love what I do, and a big part of loving what I do is I simply have fun, I want to make it fun. I approach each shoot with a laugh, a dance in my heart and the very best of everything that I offer. I am proud of my photography, my studio, my studio gowns, and NOW SHOES ! I love it, and I want to share it all with you !

I could talk about it for hours ! and I did ! for about 2 hours on live radio.

A big question I was asked, do people ask me to create photos making them look fake or like a celebrity. The answer, to the suprise of the team, was a big resounding NO ! People want to look like themselves. When I firsted started off in photography, I loved fine art photography because it makes you look like a oil painting portrait. BUT my clients would respond, that is beautiful but it doesn't look like me. Can you make it look more natural so it looks more like me. I love that ! Which is why my style has gone more towards Fashion photography. This might surprise many, because fashion photography is associated with alot of photoshopping. And yes, this was true in the past, but if you look closely, fashion photography has very little filters, it can appear bland and unedited. The fashion world has also accepted skin texture, we love skin texture, so no more porcelin skins.

Another question that was asked, was "do people ask me to make them look like Tom Cruise". The answer was not what they expected ! I don't really get people asking me to look like Tom Cruise, but is they did, I would ask what is it about Tom Cruise that inspires you? The team had a few answeres, but after a bit of chatting, it came down to Tom's passion for his work as an actor. The boys commented how they respect that he also does his own stunts. Isn't it funny how it was never really about Tom's looks, but his work ethic, inspiration, and down to earth treatment of his cast and crew. I have this discussion with all my clients when they present some inspirational photos on their moodboards. What do you love about this image, how would you like to be represented in these images. The answer I always seem to get is, I want to accept myself for who i am... and believe it or not, it is really easy to do this. Because you are enough, you are inspiration, you just need to believe it.

The team also discussed social media and TikTok... and I have to admit, I love the TikTok community. When I first joined the Tok, I was a scroller, and what I saw inspired me... Normal, everyday people being themselves, doing every day things simply being accepted for who they were. They received big followings, huge views and massive engagement from simply being themselves !!! So I started to post, in my pajamas, after a shower, with no make up and dirty hair... and NO ONE seemed to care. They cared about my message, they cared about what I had to say, and they accepted me for me.

This is a big changed from the Fake Influencers of old. This is wonderful, because people want to enjoy their real lives, and simply get rid of fake beauty standards, and be themselves. But that doesn't mean you can't get made up and have an amazing photoshoot to see yourself like you have never seen yourself before !

Check out a quick tiktok video below of my Live Radio Experience !!!


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