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PUBLISHED AGAIN - Iconic Child Magazine

Today I am excited to announced that more of our amazing portrait images have been published in an international magazine, the Iconic Child Magazine. YAY ! How amazing is it to have one of your beautiful children featured in an international child and fashion magazine. We love doing this for our beautiful clients as a special way of recognizing your child's distinct and amazing beauty.... You know they are special !

In this post I will share the images from the Iconic Magazine publication and give you an idea of how you can work with me to have your child featured in an International Magazine such as Iconic Child.

I do want to highlight that this is a special service that we provide on request. If you do not want your child featured in a magazine, or even online, we absolutely respect your privacy. We have had plenty of families coming to our Imagini photography studios that have not be shared to our website or social media and we are happy to honour this for you .

"So how do we get your child published in a magazine?

It is quite simple to do. All submission are from our family photography sessions, newborn photography and child photography sessions. What this means, is that you book a regular portrait session with us as you would any other time.

We will design your dream photo shoot at your obligation free consultation, we will organise professional hair and make up, provide some stunning studio outfits and you are welcome to bring your own as well, and at your photo shoot we will create magic !

The purpose of your photo shoot is first and foremost for your family. We have amazing portrait products and wall art to decorate your home. We will do an personalised ordering session for you either straight after your photo shoot, or you are welcome to book another day with 7 days of your photo shoot. We will design beautiful portrait packages together, so you can take home something truly special.

Do we do digital only packages? Yes of course, you are welcome to purchase digital portraits only, however it does not cost you any extra to take home the printed products. We are happy to discuss your options at your consultation or a quick chat over the phone!

Once you have chosen the portraits you love the most. I will edit them for you in a beautiful way and order your portrait products and wall art from our professional suppliers. We absolutely love luxury products, so your options do include the best from Italy and around the world ! Then from your images, I will select and submit the best ones for publication review. If your portraits get selected, I will notify you of the results and how to obtain a copy for yourself in either digital or print copy, or both.

There is no minimum age requirements, some magazines publish newborns all the way up to teenagers. Your permission is part of our standard studio agreement when you book any session with us. You can remove your authorization at any stage up until the photo is published, then its simply to late to withdraw. We love working with you, so rest assured we respect your wishes."

"International magazines look for a number of different types of portraits, from simple elegant editorial style images to the dramatic fine art style that are reminiscent of oil paints of old. I will usually do a combination of both during your photo shoot, so you will have the option of purchasing modern contemporary as well as something a little more artistic. We have no minimum spend, so you are welcome to only buy the portraits you love the most.

I love both styles ! I love the simple elegant fashion style photos because its mostly about your child. We use plain backgrounds, such as white, grey and black so the main focus of the image is your child. We can pop the image with some amazing outfits, or we can tone down and create soft image with simple outfits.... so many choices ! how do you decide?!?!?!? Well you really don't have to, we can play around a bit with outfits to see what suits!

I also love the dramatic fine art portraits that are quite the rage around the world right now. Everyone has fallen in love with the oil painting look ! This involves beautiful hand painted canvas backdrops, which we have in studio, combined with more vintage looking outfits that include lace, tulle and velvet. We may add some flowers to add to the vintage look. These are beautiful timeless portraits that bring out the innocence in your child in a beautiful stunning way."

"As you can see, both the images published above are both a more simple fashion style and the more dramatic fine art style. That is why I always want to do both during any photo shot, because its so hard to decide between the two !

Our little model published here, is absolutely beautiful. Those big innocent eyes are amazing ! And both outfits are available in our studio for use during your photo shoot! Believe it or not, the blue dress is actually an adult dress that we modified to fit this little one. How calm and peaceful does she look ? Our little model was quite the fire cracker in studio, she has lots of energy ! And why wouldn't she? This amazing little girl loves her taekwondo, kick boxing, soccer, ballet, gymnastics and piano... oh and she is an amazing rock climber already at age 6 !

Every little girl and boy is amazing and unique. And I love nothing more than capturing their little personalities as well as capturing something a little different for you. As you can see we also love all options of photography, not just the smile and look at the camera photos ! We love to just put a chair on the set and see what your child does.... and we capture their personalities. We've had little two year olds that just couldn't sit still on set, all the did was put a chair in front of a backdrop, and they just went and climbed. With beautiful lighting, beautiful outfits and beautiful backdrops, you child need only be themselves for stunning award winning and magazine published portraits !

With some of our teen models, they tend to prefer the fashion style of photography much more than the fine art style, what is ok ! We can accommodate for something similar as some of the professional models I have worked with have created both fashion and fine art style portraits with me, and they are amazing. We can have a bit of a look at some of my professional model photos for a bit of inspiration ! As much as I love getting creative, my main job is to capture the distinct beauty of your child !

If you think your child is the most beautiful in the world, I would absolutely love to photograph them ! "

"Our Professional and personalised photo shoots start at only $390 and include every thing you need for the perfect fashion photo shoot and child photo shoot!

For only $390 we include

- Up to 2 hours of photography and studio time

- Professional Hair and make up

- Access and use of all studio gowns and outfits

- In person design session to create your dream photo shoot

- $150 credit towards portrait and print purchases

- An in person ordering session on the day or with 7 days of your photo shoot

- Submission to a magazine publication at your request (do not include purchase of magazine)

to book simply call me for a chat on 0466 311 136 or click here to email us your enquiry


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