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It is always exciting to have your work recognised by your Industry Peers ! And I am particularly excited about winning an award for my maternity work, as I have only re-introduced it recently. I have definitely found a new love and passion with maternity photography.

I believe all women are beautiful, and it brings a happy dance to my heart when stunning mums like Linda get to see how it in my portraits and my work! Maternity is particularly close to my heart, because as women we tend to be at our best and at our worst at the same time. We are at our best producing an arm and an eye of a perfect little mini me. But we are also at our worst, feeling big, tired, sore and overwhelmed. I am so delighted and honoured to be able to capture these amazing perfect mums at their best.

With Hair and Make Up on offer at every session, subject to availability, its not hard for mums and women to simply fall into the flow of posing naturally and feeling beautiful. How amazing is Linda's transformation with the our professional make up artist Marie from Mai Make Up Artistry I love working with Marie, because she is as passionate about her work as I am !

Three photos side by side of a pregnant lady. First photo show a before image with no hair and make up.  The next image show the beautiful mum with hair and make up done on grey backdrop with flowing navy blue fabric. The third image is of the beautiful mum with a make over, against a white backdrop with flowing white satin fabrics
Same day transformations with hair and make up just for you

I always say I create magic, and I am proud to say that I do! I have worked hard to learn how to create natural beauty as well as stunning master piece artworks with lighting, with my camera work, styling and simply getting it right in camera. I want to produce stunning memories of you, but I also want to ensure that you feel like you look like you !

With our special Maternity and Baby deal currently on offer, don't delay in booking your dream photo shoot with Imagini TODAY !


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