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Boudoir can be daunting, and can raise many scary thoughts in your mind. The truth is boudoir is what you want it to be. Explore your body, find a new appreciation and love for your body, remind yourself of your beauty, let yourself go in a safe, supportive and empowering environment or all of the above. Look beautiful, feel beautiful, be beautiful just the way you are right now with a boudoir session where you are fully in control. What is the point of Boudoir? Never again let a stomach roll get in the way of living your fullest life! Make Self-Love part of your New Year’s resolutions. Think about this. Are you happier? Do you feel you are more feminine? Does that make you feel confident and sexy? Or does the way you feel about your body and your beauty holding you back from living your best life? Boudoir at Imagini takes you through a journey of exploring your body and finding a new appreciation for the amazing person you are. Our boudoir is there to help guide you through the journey of saying this is me, and that’s ok. This is me and I don’t really need to change a thing to be an amazing person. This is me and I am a normal woman who is beautiful just the way I am right now. Women are always so hard on themselves…. But our most constant and harshest self criticism is always about our looks. I am too fat, my stomach is too big, my thighs are to wide, my booBs are too small, I have too many wrinkles, I have a double chin….. its just on going and constant. Why is our self value always based on how many rolls we have? Why does a stomach role become more important than our success at work? Our love as mums? Our phenomenal organisation skills? Our university degrees? Our business acumen and success? We are so much more than a stomach roll, and yet it’s that stomach roll that holds us back from living our best lives, from being happy and energised, from celebrating who we are and, our big and little successes in life. What is boudoir photography? There are several types of boudoir photography like traditional portraiture studio shots, artistic / abstract shoot, inspirational boudoir, erotic / creative boudoir, etc. Traditional portraits are the most common type of boudoir photography, as you are in a more flattering light and usually an artistic style is adopted. Artistic/Abstract shoot: Abstract photographs are often abstract landscapes, characters, etc. Erotic / Creative Boudoir: Boudoir Photography is something very personal, and may also be called erotic photography, erotic photography art, or erotic photography. It is not pornographic, but may include some form of sexuality. Is boudoir photography safe? At Imagini we ensure your safety with every precaution at our disposal! First and foremost, you are in control from beginning to end. We design your photoshoot with your lead. If you are not sure about anything, we will discuss this with you before and during the shoot. We constantly check in with you that you feel comfortable and safe. Our doors are always locked during our intimate shoots. We ensure the premises is secure and safe for you. Our team is female only ! We sometimes offer volunteer assistant position during shoots to male photographers, however they will not attend your shoot if you say no. We also shoot tethered, which means we have a screen hooked up to my camera during the photoshoot. Every single photo I take will show up on the screen for you to see straight away. If you do not like or are not comfortable with any photo taken, we will delete immediately on the spot under your instruction. This has not happened before as we take the time and care to ensure we design your photoshoot as you say…. But we hope this adds extra assurance for you. You are always welcome to bring a friend to your shoot for extra reassurance and safety. Again, as our team is all female, you can feel safe and taken care of. Both Trish your photographer and Alex your make up artist are mums, so we look after our beautiful clients with great care.

Who should do boudoir photography? Boudoir photography can be daunting for both the photographer and the person being photographed. But if you have questions about what it is all about, you have come to the right place. We have run a bit of research on boudoir photography and we think we have found 10 reasons why women should invest in boudoir photography and a 10 reasons why boudoir photography can be exciting for the photographer and the photographer's client. Women looking for sexy photos to make a plan for Valentine's Day. Not all women want to wear a negligee or a tight top. Some prefer more revealing photos for special occasions, boudoir photography is the best way to make it special. Girls who want to dress up and don't want to go to a club or dress in red lingerie and have their date watch. Why would I have boudoir photography? 1. You are feeling sexy and confident! 2. You can get better about picking a good bathing suit for pool parties 3. You can focus on loving how you look right now (without having to worry about how others see you) 4. You can challenge your inner thighs with the help of an "undo" lingerie strap 5. You can feel comfortable and not worry about getting it wrong. 6. You can be yourself with a bunch of women who love you for who you are 7. You can remember your love for your body 8. You can show off your post baby body and get all those awesome booty burns back 9. You can feel sexy with some very stunning portraits to remember it by. 10. It is one way to really discover the real you, shine bright and be a bright, confident light in the world. Why would I pay for boudoir photography? What should I wear for boudoir photography? Do you have time to update your entire wardrobe? Having some jeans and tops that you can wear for boudoir can help you feel more comfortable as you explore this new fantasy. Can I wear makeup? Depending on your style, you can try to have your best face forward. For those who are looking for a more classic boudoir look, you can be comfortable and pretty with no makeup or you can enhance your best features with makeup to make your boudoir photography that much more beautiful. In both situations, you will be the best you can be and that is what will make you feel incredible in your photos. What kind of lighting do I use? Many women love the soft light and natural look. Imagini provides are studio wardrobe including gowns, robes and flowing fabrics for every session. However we do not provide lingerie for clients for hygiene and safety reasons. We encourage our clients to go shopping before hand and spoil themselves with lingerie they feel comfortable and sexy in. You deserve this, you work hard and you are beautiful. What should I do before and after my boudoir session? 1. Learn to stand up for yourself. Do not feel like you can't ask for something that you really want. 2. Maintain a positive attitude about the experience. Do not let the fear or the expectations of others be your guidance. 3. Do not feel like you have to talk, but rather listen! Do not let the thoughts of what others might think dictate how you act or what you say. 4. Bring a little bit of yourself into your sessions. There is nothing more empowering than feeling that your own presence is inspiring you to feel good and be good. 5. Know what you want and stay focused. Don't let the excitement of the session to distract you from the task at hand. 6. Have fun! 7. Do not make yourself feel vulnerable. Feel sexy and confident! 8. Practice your posing in front of mirror and don’t be scared to look at your naked body infront of a mirror. Did you know your body has a way of desensitising you with increased exposure? This simply means the more you face something, the less of a reaction you have over time and the more accepting you are of what you see, feel or hear. If you look at your naked body every day, just explore it with the mindset of this is me, this is my body, there is nothing wrong with my body and I am perfect just the way I am right now, your body will start normalising it helping you be more accepting of yourself helping you develop a self appreciation, self love and a focus on other parts of your amazing life? Try it every day! WHY YOU SHOULD DO A BOUDOIR PHOTOSHOOT We would be here all day if we tried to list the reasons for why you should invest in boudoir photography. All we can say is your boudoir session will be one of the most memorable in your life! If you would like more help with your boudoir session with the best boudoir photographer in Sydney, please contact Trish here. Trish is happy to help you with a consultation. You can find Trish on Instagram @ImaginiSecrets. Facebook TikTok @imaginisydney YouTube Imagini Portrait Sydney Boudoir Photography Services Intimate boudoir Fashion boudoir Bridal boudoir Wedding boudoir Studio boudoir Artistic and Painterly boudoir Abstract boudoir Implied nude photography

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