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Maternity Photography - Goddess Liran

Maternity photo shoot with pregnant lady in wine colour flowing fabric infront of a dark grey hand painted canvas backdrop
Maternity Photo shoot - Liran

Maternity Photography with Imagini is truly a very special and fun experience ! We look at making you feel comfortable and beautiful during a magical, but also exhausting time in your life. Take a moment to do something just for you ! And that is what we did for the beautiful Liran !

I know you are feeling tired, sore, and swollen so we made this easy, relaxing and fun for this gorgeous mum. For maternity we take things at a slow comfortable pace, and as you can see, we created amazing maternity portraits that Liran absolutely loved.

I am so delighted and excited in sharing these beautiful maternity portraits. I absolutely loved Liran's amazing approach to this maternity photo shoot. She owned the shoot, looking stunning and not worried about any stretch marks or scars at all ! Infact, she specifically asked we do not edit her tummy and leave it as is... and I absolutely respected and loved this request. I feel by not over editing her beautiful skin and features, these portraits represent her distinct beauty, that just adds to her character and the wow factor of her photos.

Having already a beautiful family of boys, this was a little bit special with Liran expecting her first baby girl. We kept things mostly neutral, as requested by our amazing mum, with our styling, working with whites, wine reds, and white... but we did throw a little bit of pink into the mix.

As with all our clients, we offer an obligation free photography consultation before you even book or pay a cent. We go through some styles, colours and set ups that you would love the most from your maternity shoot. Liran and I sat down together for a chat before her maternity photo shoot, and look at some beautiful maternity images that we could use as inspiration. We also had a chat about what Liran would be comfortable with and what she was not comfortable with, to ensure the photo shoot would go smoothly with perfect results she would love for a life time.

At Imagini, we love to offer unique and distinct styles of maternity photography. Who doesn't love being a fashion model ?? So we offer a more elegant and contemporary style of maternity portraits that you would see in fashion magazines! We love making you the cover of your own beautiful story.

We also offer some more dramatic fine art style of maternity photography. With beautiful hand painted canvas backdrops and a painterly look... we recreate the stunning hand painted portraits of famous painters. These amazing maternity portraits are not only dramatic, but timeless like those paintings hanging in museums around the world.

Our Maternity Photography sessions are all about you and creating something phenomenal at such a magical time in your life !

I absolutely loved creating a beautiful Maternity Photography session for the beautiful Liran ! I love making women feel and look beautiful, even at their worst. That is why Maternity Photography is so special for me. You feel tired, sore, bloated and swollen... who would think that feeling like this, you could look this amazing.

Liran was not in the least worried about some of her tummy scars and stretch marks. I always make sure all our beautiful women feel comfortable with every thing we do in studio. I would never try something you are not comfortable with. Which is why I was so delighted when Liran was happy to not only show her tummy, but try some our amazing semi-nudie portraits with amazing flowing fabrics.

I mean, lets face it, your body is that of a Goddess creating life right now... it is perfect, amazing, inspiring and just glorious ! You should absolutely flaunt it... oh and pregnancy is one of those times you do NOT have to think about maybe losing some weight first.... with pregnancy photography, the bigger the better !!!!

We absolutely do nude and semi-nude portraits but ONLY is this is something you are comfortable with. We also respect your privacy, so if you do not want any of your portraits shared online, it simply will not be done. Your body is so beautiful and magical during your pregnancy. Its also an excuse to be a little bit more daring and risque !

With Liran, she was comfortable with our beautiful flowing fabric topless photos, but not the full Nudie... and that is where we stopped at. Liran was also happy for me to share these portraits online. Any photo she did not want to share would definitely not be shown her today! But I am delighted that in this case, Liran loved her portraits, loved her beautiful Goddess body and was happy to share them with you today! Happy dance!

Because I shoot tethered, this means you see every image that I take as I take it. What shooting tethered means, is that I have my camera linked to my laptop and a big TV, so you see each photo as I take it and deleted on the spot if you wish. The great thing about this is if there is anything you love or hate, we can fix it on the spot ! I love maternity photography, and my job is making each moment special and beautiful for you AND WITH YOU !!

As mentioned Liran has a beautiful family with 3 gorgeous boys. However, she chose to do a maternity photo shoot just for her self. And what mum doesn't deserve something for her self? This beautiful mum had some time for herself to be pampered, while her boys were at school.

We definitely are happy for family to come along and share this magical maternity photo shoot with you ! You can consider having your partner bring your gorgeous kids at the start or towards the end of the photo shoot. Otherwise we have plenty of space for everyone during the entire photo shoot.

This is a wonderful opportunity to do something just for you ! You are about to have a little person enter the world, who will take over your life. There will be plenty of opportunities for family and baby photos later !

Another reason why maternity is a wonderful opportunity to do something just for yourself is Nudy shots! While this is ok with hubby or your partner, it's not necessarily something you might want to do with your other kids around ! A maternity photo shoot just for yourself gives you a little bit of freedom to do something you wouldn't normally do in front of your family or kids !

Its ok to make something just a little bit about you ! Some pregnancy pampering and spoiling is definitely something you need when you are approaching the end. This is where you need a little remedy for sore backs, swollen feet, and just fatigue and exhaustion.

Sit back, relax with a beautiful professional make over, set yourself free with beautiful gowns and flowing fabrics... and have a once in a life time experience that we can capture for you to enjoy and remember forever.

A beautiful Imagini Maternity photo shoot is a perfect opportunity to make something a little bit about you, before your world gets taken over by a perfect bundle of pure joy. Our maternity photography session include a pampering experience, with professional hair and make up just for you, beautiful gowns and flowing fabrics included and a professional guided maternity session working closely with you so you get the dream photography session you always wanted.

We know that baby will be everything most important to you, that is why with all our maternity photography session, you receive the newborn photography session for free !

Did you know some of our clients have chosen to book in their baby sessions at 3 months and 6 months ? That is an option for you also. We are happy to honor your newborn booking in exchange for a baby session up to 12 months old ?

We are here for you to create beautiful memories, amazing art to decorate your home and a feeling of delight that puts a smile on your face every time you think of us !

Our amazing Bump and Baby offer is only $390 ! And includes - both your maternity and newborn photography sessions with Imagini - professional hair and make up for both sessions - outfits and styling for both sessions - $ 150 credit towards portraits and art works for both sessions - A medium sized print... you choose which session

You can book or simply enquire here Enquire about a dream Maternity Photo shoot here

Maternity Photography sessions with Imagini are best book about 5 months before you are due. This is to ensure your spot as we might be booked out. Maternity photo shoots take place between 32-34 weeks just in case some little ones might make an early arrival and to make sure you are still ok to attend our studio for a photo shoot.

All Maternity Photography sessions take place in our Smithfield studios, located in Western Sydney. We are only 30 minutes away from most areas, including Parramatta, Fairfield, Cabramatta, and most of the greater Sydney area.

All photography sessions come with a obligation free in person consultation. Come see the studio, see our products, take a tour, and sit down for a chat while we plan your dream maternity photo shoot!

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