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Working with the Worlds Finest - Paulina Duczman

Updated: Apr 13, 2019

Since starting photography, I have met such amazing, inspiration, talented, supportive and giving people in this industry.  When I came across Paulina Duczman's work, I was truly inspired and wanted to learn from this amazing talented woman.  I was so excited when I heard she was coming down to Australia to run some workshops !  And so Paulina Duczman transformed my life and my approach to photography.  I am so delighted to offer a special type of artistic photography to Australian families and my friends....

Paulina Duczman is an amazing internationally recognised and award winning photographer from Poland, who not only works out of the UK but now also around the world !  Not surprisingly her talent has won her a multitude of international awards and publications.  She is also such a grounded soul, who wears her heart on her shoulder with such a sincere and genuine approach to her work, her clients and her students.  She has not only inspired my work, but my approach to my clients and my photographer.  You can read more about her on her website

During her workshop in May 2018 here in Sydney, I had the opportunity to work with Paulina first hand, and learn her techniques and approach to her photography.  I had so many AHA and DOH moments, as she explained and demonstrated some of the basic and fundamental lighting techniques !  The way Paulina applied them was just beautiful and amazing.  I learned so much, but I also went back to some of my original training from my Cert IV work that sometimes you forget along the way!  The best part of the whole workshop was how kind, calm and supportive Paulina was the entire time.  This is important because we, as human beings, are most creative when we are not only inspired but also relaxed ! I would do this workshop over and over again if I could... AND I DO every day now when I apply what I have learned.   

During the workshop, I was able to photograph and edit some amazing photos with two beautiful models Honey and Natana Poa, and I am so excited to be sharing them with you !  What this workshop really showed me is that with the correct lighting and styling, there is so little editing to do in photoshop.  As you can see from the photos above, there is very little difference between the photo in the camera and the final edited photo... I think sometimes we take photoshop for granted, and forget how important lighting and camera ability is.  We forget there was a time before digital cameras and photoshop, where talented artists were able to produce stunning work using film cameras and a dark room with chemicals !  

I have always loved old oil painting master pieces.  My goal with my photography has always been to create something that is inspired from the timeless, classic oil paintings from old.  I am so delighted that my work is reflecting these master pieces.  I believe stunning beautiful art works are something that add beauty and inspiration in your home.  There is a quote that has been in my mind for years: "Don't have a home you have always dreamed of, create a home you can dream in.".  This is my vision, this is my passion and this is my dream ..... and my passion is to bring it into your home so you can create your own dreams! 

Thank you so much Paulina ...

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